Gain Client trust and Increase sales:

Video is a fantastic driver of consumer confidence and a much better salesman than just pure text. Video content is a powerful way to build a rapport with your audience to help increase the conversion rate to buy your product or service.

Visitors are 85% more likely to buy a product or service that has been communicated through video. * We have managed to increase online conversion sales by over 300% for a major nationwide retailer.

*Source: Internet Retailer (April 2010)

Communicate more effectively:

A smiling face is easily understandable within milliseconds. Videos can convey more essential data in a shorter time also a more effective way to communicate a company ethos and style. The viewer does not have to read long texts and products can be demonstrated without any confusion.  

Increase visibility in search engines

Search engines now offer video as part of integrated blended search results. Videos can help make your site more visible more appealing to the user carrying out the search and drive traffic to your website. YouTube is now the second largest search engine after Google, by not being on YouTube you are missing out on a potentially large amount of traffic.

Retain the attention of your target audience:

Videos provide a dynamic, interactive experience for site visitors. By using video, businesses can highlight promotions, provide tutorials, and show customers how products operate. The engaging nature of video encourages users to spend more time on a page, thereby increasing ‘stickiness’ on a web page and advertising revenues.  Retail site visitors who view video stay two minutes longer on average than other site visitors. (Comscore August 2010)

Good retention times decrease ‘bounce-back’ rates which will help improve your Google ranking overall.  Google track the ‘bounce back’ rate from the listings each time a user does a search, the longer you stay on the link you selected, the more relevant Google perceives the site to be and ranks it more favourably next time another user does a search under the same search terms.

Beat the Competition:

Video is a powerful way to demonstrate your brand and show that your product is superior. Those that embrace the business benefits that is offered by video will have a clear advantage over competitors who do not.